Monday, January 28, 2013

Mujaheedah seorang gadis

As usual..another episode of heart to heart session..
And it was always me..
Im asking myself,why it was always me..?
Indirect tarbiyah from Allah..for me to be strong..for me to realise who r those who declared 'uhibbukifillah' sincerely..
One thing for sure,im lacking of hiding my feeling..
Ohh ya,sure!! People can lied on their feeling,but they never can lied to Allah..
I was just having hard times recently,and just found who were the real heroes in my life..
On this path,priority comes first..
People talking about ithar ,husnukh zhon,but they never applied first..let them be..Allah will judged them..
Its ok,some people afraid to be lonely,but for sure when u died,u're alone..
Nobody accompanied you..
So why afraid to be alone? Why afraid of focusing on the priority instead of ur silly feeling..?
Why u needed a companion while u forgot that along the way Allah will send u the best person to be ur 'harun'
Why afraid of making a hijrah in ur life?
Ignored all those silly people making accusation and assumption to you..
U have Allah..
U will never be perfect cause Allah is the most perfect,almighty..
U just have to work on it and struggling hard..
Subhanaallah.. im not afraid of people leaving me,instead..
Im afraid of Allah leaving me..
I am me..
Mujaheedah seorang gadis..

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